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"She offers a depth of knowledge and experience that few professionals possess"

I know that when I refer a client to Sarah, they'll get true expertise. She offers a depth of knowledge and experience that few professionals possess, along with a kindness and warmth that permeate everything she does. If you're looking for a caring, compassionate, wise, and honest professional to help with your health journey, Sarah is it.

"I am deeply grateful for having her in my life and I highly recommend her as a unique and results-producing coach."

Sarah Campbell is definitely the “Coaches Coach”!


I worked with her to help me develop a better relationship with my eating habits.

Although I am a personal trainer and diet coach myself I was living with a shameful secret.


For most of my adult life, I had used food as a way to cope with anxiety, discomfort, and personal issues. I would come home after a stressful day and consume large amounts of food before going to bed, then get up the next day, eat very strictly and try to exercise it all away. This was causing a lot of internal conflict and guilt- How could I advise others on diet and exercise when I had a disordered relationship with food?


Sarah and I immediately hit it off.


First – we are both into food.


I was formerly a chef and maintained a love of cooking, restaurants and all things culinary- Sarah also shared this passion for good healthy cooking and innovative meals using fresh ingredients and interesting recipes.


She showed me there is a difference between being obsessed with eating and appreciating the pleasure of food in modest quantities and of the highest quality. But more important was her compassion and guidance as I worked to find better ways to cope with a life that went beyond reaching for food when I was feeling bad.


I was a very difficult case! I resisted a lot of her advice at first- but gradually I started to experiment with some of the things she suggested.


She worked with me to uncover and discover what the best solution would be for me. It was never about giving out advice as all the self-help books do. This is what sets her apart from the dozens of programs, diets, and coaches I had worked with for 20+ years.


You learn what is best for you and then Sarah supports you throughout the whole process. Slowly over time, you find your way towards a sustainable and workable coping strategy that is unique for you and your life.


She meets you where you are – and tries to learn the context in which you operate – she doesn’t just offer content -or advice-  like most coaches do.


Today I deal with life on life’s terms and have found support and help by other means that don’t include binging on food.  Am I perfect with this? Not by any means- but I have learned it’s still a daily vigilance, and I have tools to use that keep me from going down those rabbit holes that I used to take refuge in.


Today my coaching practice is thriving in part thanks to Sarah’s help! I am out of the woods.  I feel more congruent with my values and am better able to coach people who struggle along similar lines.


I am deeply grateful for having her in my life and I highly recommend her as a unique and results-producing coach.

Jim Hart

Personal Trainer in Philadelphia, PA

Designer & Illustrator in Portland, OR

"Sarah was patient, knowledgeable, and wise."

Sarah may not have saved my life, but her kindness, attention, and diligence improved it more than these mere words can say.

I came to her after years of working two 8 hour shifts every day. I had been sitting poorly, working hard, and hurting myself.

So inured was I to the work chair, that I could no longer lie flat on my back without pain.

And twisting my body out of a car too often yielded back spasms.


Sarah was patient, knowledgeable, and wise.

An anatomist, she could explain the problems and slowly, gently, implement the solutions.

Today, I can lie down comfortably. I never have back spasms, and my balance (once non-existent) feels extraordinary.


Sarah is amazing.

"OH MY, what a resource you are, in so many areas."

Sarah, you really helped me name and understand the notion of perfectionism.

I've learned that I have this in myself, but I also expect it of every other person in my life (can be a major cause of frustration). This notion really has defined me more than I ever realized. I know there are so many positives that I have gained from this, and now, at this time in my life, I need to minimize this trait. It sets me up for critical and negative intersections with others, and it doesn't add positive value.

I am forever grateful for your help in this. You have also been so responsive, consistent, caring, supportive and helpful in our forums and Facebook. OH MY, what a resource you are, in so many areas. Thank you so very much Sarah!!!!!

Carol Z.

Retired with dogs and chickens,

Indianapolis, IN


Antwerp, Belgium

"Her approach is tailor-made, which made me feel comfortable from the moment I met her."

I can honestly say that Sarah has changed my life.


I reached out to her when I was struggling with emotional binge eating. Even during the very first intake, thousands of miles away from each other, she succeeded in making a lot of the underlying reasons for my eating behavior concrete. I was mind-blown, as I had been trying to figure these out for a long time. For the first time,  I felt like I really would succeed in bringing about changes and get out of my psychological loopholes. And I have! 


Step by step, and always at my own pace, she taught me practical ways to tackle these underlying problems on a daily basis. I still use these ‘tricks’ (but actually, it is a way of thinking and living) every day, and they also help me to tackle new challenges, whether they are related to eating, stress management, caring for my body, relationships, work etc. Her approach is also tailor-made, which made me feel comfortable from the minute I met her.


I am happy to say that, when it comes to eating, I have finally started a new way of living. I rarely ever binge anymore, and although I am still working on different eating skills, I have lost 14 pounds since I met Sarah. But those 14 pounds are nothing compared to the way I am thinking about myself, and the tools she handed me for living my best life. It takes practice every day, and the task is up to you, but I can promise you that you will not find a more supportive coach and wonderful human being to help you through your struggles on the way to your best life!

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