Can't  turn  off  your  thoughts?

Do you find yourself lying in bed (or going about your day) thinking cyclical negative thoughts instead of getting the rest you need? 


Download this full body relaxation. 

It's only 3.5 minutes, and it works.


  • When you can't turn off your mind, you need to take your attention off your thoughts. The best place to bring your attention is into your body. Research shows that guided meditation lowers cortisol, which helps you fall asleep.

  • Quality sleep is a cornerstone to physical and emotional health. It also benefits the immune system, prevents weight gain, and increases productivity.

  • The recording is only the guided relaxation. It doesn't go into setting up your space or creating a bedtime ritual. A pdf on the download page has that info for you.

  • You can also use this when you find yourself caught up in a catastrophic thought spiral any time of day.

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